Axiatonal Alignment


My first day of my Axiational Grid Activation: 

Previous to that session I felt as if I was in a constant state of:
  • Coping and catching up
  • Feeling left out and needing to prove myself
  • Being dissatisfied with my performance
  • Being asked to leave both employment and living arrangements
  • Choosing to leave relationships
  • Choices coming from greed with a tendency toward excess
The time sequence on each cycle was going faster and faster. Life was getting less and less satisfying. I was getting farther and farther away from having choice and being able to create a life of service to others in appreciation to God for the wonder of life and the bounty of the gifts I had chosen to develop.

During the Axiational Grid Activation, I noticed:
  • My sense of well being increasing
  • A sense of quiet calmness in and around me
  • More light, energy and freedom of movement in and around my joints
  • My responses to others came from a more positive and gentle place
In the three days since the first Axiatonal Grid Alignment, I have noticed:
  • My appetite was satisfied by small regular balanced meals of vegetables and proteins
  • Opportunities of life flowing toward me gracefully
  • Others are draw to me gently and seem to understand me and not "attach"
  • My response to others coming from a place of balance and openness
  • Putting together colorful clothing combinations that were feminine
  • A desire to be a feminine magnet for good to flow towards me
I am appreciating each moment.
I am doing what I can about each moment with a sense of excellence and openness.
I have no anxiety about the future or my work.
God is in charge and my intention is to be in his holy flow.

C.W.S, Phonix,