Axiatonal Alignment

Take a Quantum Leap Forward on Your Life Journey - Reconnect to the Universal Grid System

Maximize your Health, Harmony and Balance!
Find your true work by renewing your purpose in this
lifetime and your connection to it.

Axiatonal Alignment helps to align your body to the universal energy grid system, both on earth and in the stars. Axiatonal lines create the energy network in our light body which helps support our bio-energy systems to maximize health, harmony and balance to our energetic systems.

The axiatonal system is a vast network of grids linking Cosmic Intelligence and individual consciousness. Energy and information travel from these higher bodies through grids into your physical body via the acupuncture meridians. This work aligns you with the grid around the earth and the energy grid around you; it reaches far out into the universe and deep within our cells. 

The benefits of axiatonal alignment are:

  • Renewal of purpose in this lifetime
  • Confidence of your life being "on course"
  • Understanding why you are in your current situation
  • Awakening of your soul energy and guidance
  • It will deeply soothe and energize your body
  • New information will be better understood and retained
  • New challenges will be easily realized and handled
  • The alignment will awaken your Kundalini energy
  • And .... increase synchronicity

“The Axiatonal Lines are vibratory lines of energy which connect the levels of human electrochemical activity with astro-biological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems.”


- J.J. Hurtak, The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch 1977:567